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Capital Construction

PO BOX 614

Windsor, CO 80550


Tel: 970-449-9215


For NEW bids - please use form below

Are we a good fit for your project?  Please review the following and if you think we are a good fit for your project please fill out the form below.  We normally are able to schedule first appointment within 1-2 weeks.  We may start with a phone meeting.  Please be prepared for a bid to take minimum 10 days, potentially more depending on scope of project. 

  • We are a full service contractor and handle projects from start to finish.  This includes plan creation (unless you have a plan completed already) through final cleaning.  We will handle any demo required, and provide all labor and supplies for full project completion.   

    • Exceptions: if you are in the construction industry full time and it is your specialized "trade", such as a painter or licensed electrician, plumber, etc. then we can work with you to do that part of the process.  We are not a contractor set up for homeowner involvement in the physical processes,

  • If your project requires a permit we will handle all aspects related to the permit, inspections, etc.   We will not do a job that requires a permit without pulling one and going through the proper steps. 

  • A few details by project type:

    • Basement - new finish 

      • Initial meeting is about 1 hour and we will go over a list of questions and general thoughts, ideas and layout.  Our bid process will provide you a quote based on that conversation.   We generally will do a rough floor plan with the bid and full detailed drawings and plans will be completed if proposal is approved and Owner wants to move forward.    

    • Bathroom Remodels 

      • Initial meeting is about 30-45 minutes and we will go over a list of questions and general ideas.   Many elements of a bathroom remodel will be based on allowances for products, which will be finalized through the design process and product selection.      

    • Kitchen remodels and full house remodels and/or additions or new construction:

      • Each project will vary based on scope of work and if structural changes required.   We will address these individually.  Initial meeting times average 60-90 minutes.   

Budget: We do ask your budget as we like to help clients plan their projects around their budgets and not design a project that isn't affordable.   This helps us makes suggestions on products or processes that can achieve your goal and not design something that is completely unrealistic.  We are a very open and honest company on pricing and feel open communication is key between all parties.  We bid against other companies all the time - we are usually not the lowest bid and we are usually not the highest either.   We offer quality work at fair pricing while making sure to cover all aspects while minimizing any "surprise" charges.   Please note we do have a $20,000 job minimum currently.

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