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Don't Be Fooled!

There are many excellent contracting companies in Northern Colorado... if you are looking please do not get fooled by people that show pictures that look pretty but do not have a website, recommendations and legit information including a license or insurance.

There is a man that has been posting on groups all over Colorado for the last few months claiming to be a veteran owned and veteran employee company. He posts beautiful pictures and a long list of skills but he has changed his company name 8 times in the last year, none of which have been registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. The pictures when you do a reverse image search are from blogs or websites of other companies all over the country. This person just angers me and I worry for people that fall for his lies.

Do your homework and make sure you are hiring a legit company. Again, there are many many great ones to choose from and no need to throw your money away to con-artists.


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